• PSU(Power Supply Unit)

Power Supply Unit(PSU) is the power solution that
utilizes the MOSFET, a semiconductor IC- as a switch to convert
alternating current (AC) supplied from the main power into the optimized
DC (direct current) or AC (alternate current). It is the core
power module that influences the life time and reliability
of all electronics products

  • Introduction to PSU for Display

The history of Y2 Solution's Display PSU business dates back to 2000,
when we first started to mass-produce the PSU solutions for LCD
TVs and PC monitors. In 2009, Y2 Solution developed the world's first PSU
for ultra slim, 6mm LED TVs. Our technology prowess has
been globally recognized ever since.

Y2 Solution is the industry-leading power solution company specializing in
PSU for various display products and we provide competitive solutions tailored to
the latest display industry trends such as large screen, ultra slim, and high definition.
Y2 Solution is currently expanding its power business to high capacity power modules in
the DC Fast Charger for EVs and other high-end industrial electrification fields.
Major Competitiveness
  • Accumulated production
    know-how through collaboration
    with Korea's leading display
    manufacturers for over 30 years

  • Maintained high market share
    based on new technologies developed from
    advanced R&D activities
    1-2 years prior to mass production

  • Established an automated
    production line with an annual
    capacity of 15 million units

  • Earned customer trust based
    on a strict quality control system
    and advanced reliability test lab

  • Key Features

    Efficiency: over 90%

    Minimum standby power: below 0.1W

    Product design compliant with various environmental regulations

  • Applicable field

    TV (UHD, QNED - Quantum Nano-Emitting Diode, OLED, Signage, etc)

    Commercial TVs (hospitalities such as hotels, hospitals, etc)


Output Wattage 457W 358W 271W 230W 160W
Output Voltage 7.8V_STBY / 12VM /
12VT / 20VS / 22VD
7.8V_STBY / 12VM /
12VT / 20VS / 22VD
7.8V_STBY / 13.2V
/ 20V / 114.4V_VLED
7.8V_STBY / 13.2V /
20V / 114V_VLED
7.8V_STBY / 13.2V /
Input Voltage 90~264Vac 90~264Vac 90~264Vac 90~264Vac 90~264Vac