Global initiatives to reduce carbon emission and ESG management practices have transformed the automotive industry from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles, and the pace of growth continues to accelerate with the advent of autonomous driving.
While the global market for EVs is showing rapid growth, the infrastructure for EV charging, especially rapid DC charging infrastructure,
is still in its infancy. The majority of EV charging infrastructure still remains in the form of in-vehicle or slow charging. Thus, the slow movement towards building rapid DC charging infrastructures hinders the advancement of the automotive market and limits ultimate convenience.
As a consequence, most countries are establishing government policies to introduce ultra-fast charging system for EVs.

The core technology of the ultra-fast charger for EVs rests with optimizing the charging speed and efficiency by connecting multiple high-output (>30KW) power sources in parallel in order to optimize charging efficiency corresponding to the battery charging requirements and various charging conditions of EVs.
Y2 Solution is a leader in developing ultra-fast charging power supply technology for EV Charges, by utilizing 36 years of experience in power R&D and technology including digital control and communication technology.
  • We guarantee high reliability through a consistent quality management system; from product development to mass production.

  • Monitor your product status in real-time based on our various digital control and communication technologies, and improve cloud-based performance.

  • We provide the highest level of after sales customer satisfaction. We manufacture in South Korea and offer competitive global supply chain management.

Product Features (30kw)
  • 1.

    Supply the required DC voltage to the battery inside
    the EVs by applying a new power circuit topology.

  • 2.

    Receive 3-phase AC power and convert it to DC power-the DC/DC converter adjusts the output voltage to meet the vehicle's battery requirements.

  • 3.

    Minimize switching and conduction losses by applying SiC (Silicon Carbide) based MOSFETs.

  • 4.

    Maximize customer's design flexibility with ultra high-density design.

  • 5.

    Acheive long life time and high reliability by ensuring
    sufficient design margin (MTBF Min 500,000 hrs).

  • 6.

    Distribute the stable current between the power modules.

  • 7.

    Enable easy replacement based on the modular concept of power conversion unit.

  • 8.

    Enable stable and reliable performance by systematic quality control process.

  • Main Features
    • High capacity AC-DC power supply
    • High scalability based on ultra high-density design and modularization
    • Max efficiency up to 96%
    • With the wide range of voltage output, 150V~1,000V;
      can be used for various EV models and other applications
  • Application
    • DC Fast Charger(Level 3) for EVs
    • E-Mobility
    • Power Bank, Battery Pack, and Portable Chargers
    • AC-DC Conversion Chargers
  • R&D Capability
    • Technology for high power control,
      digital power & communication control
    • Know-how in mechanical design and structure review
      including thermal analysis
    • Expertise in PCB design and its analysis
    • Know-how in standardized design and design simulation
    • Full-time engineers (EE/MSEE/PhD) with extensive
      experience in high power design
  • Product Category 30 kw
    • Provide a wide input voltage range to meet global power
      specifications (304Vac~528Vac)
    • Provide a wide output voltage range for EV battery
      characteristics (150V~1000V)
    • Provide high efficiency, high power density, high
      reliability, and ease of control
    50 kw
    • Provide high output power (50kw)
    • Target industry-leading, highest efficiency-above 97%
    • Currently developing an optimized compact design solution-product.